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A turbulent economy, competitive marketplace and regulatory changes present multi-faceted challenges to your organization’s leadership, no matter how experienced they may be. Since 1994, The Directors’ Network® has understood the fundamental yet critical demand for educating boards of directors, committees and executives. We customize our board of directors training to address your specific needs as a board, an organization and how the two should work together in the pursuit of effective corporate governance. The Directors’ Network brings experts from highly visible professions to give you greater flexibility in your continuing education goals.

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Board of Directors
Educational Programs

Today’s boards face unprecedented dynamics: Intense media scrutiny, pressure from institutional investors, shareholders, hedge funds and short-term investors, drastic market fluctuations within a given industry and other external factors. These concerns are the complex subjects around which The Directors’ Network designs its corporate board governance seminars and director conferences. For more than 20 years we have been dedicated solely to providing director education on a board-by-board basis, having pioneered the concept of an on-site, customized program that prepares directors to manage the challenges they face today.

Board Continuing Education

The Directors’ Network tailors its educational seminars and workshops to prepare both first-time and experienced directors for their roles and responsibilities. By focusing precisely on what your board wants to know, The Directors’ Network collaborates with your company to structure programs that target the topics most relevant and important to your organization. We deliver our programs to you at your convenience and for one
fee no matter the number of attendees. This makes director education far more efficient and cost effective than sending individual directors to
off-site workshops.

Literacy Programs

Boards of directors, committees and executives
are inundated with all aspects of their
organizations’ financial health. Not only do
they have to monitor internal controls and risk,
they also have to adjust accordingly to listing requirements and new federal laws that redefine their roles while keeping up with financially technical and complex regulations. Recognizing boards’ requirements to achieve financial literacy, The Directors’ Network offers comprehensive programs on several individual financial topics, which can also be combined to create a themed
suite of financial literacy education.

NB—ISS Accreditation no longer available

Previously, The Directors' Network's programs were accredited by RiskMetrics Group and companies who attended our programs received credit on their Corporate Governance Quotient (CGQ) ratings.
As a result of RiskMetrics' transition to Governance Risk Indicators (GRID) methodology and away from CGQ, the Directors' Network board education programs (as well as board education programs
offered by all other consulting firms) do not provide credit for the GRID methodology.