Preparing Boards
for the New Reality

Board of Director Training Programs, Responsibilities & IPO's

Congratulations on your IPO!

Many new potential liabilities come with all the capital raised. Did you know that you, each senior manager and each of your independent directors are jointly and severally liable to shareholders, employees and other constituencies for actions of which you and they may not even be aware?

In many cases, the law does not permit indemnification of board members and senior executives, even when the company has enough cash available to pay a potential multi-million dollar judgment common among shareholder actions. Directors and officers liability insurance purchased by the company may not be enough to pay for the damages awarded. In both these instances, the personal financial well-being of each director and executive is in jeopardy.

During your transition to a publicly held company, The Directors’ Network® will define the general roles and responsibilities of senior management and the board in general and in times of crisis. Our board of director training programs are tailored as private seminars and are held on your premises. One day of prevention could mean a lot to your bottom line.